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About us



History and background:  Crop Africa Ltd is a Kenyan based company which operates with established agricultural businesses within the East African Region. 

Currently, we work together to develop, produce and process seeds for recognised international seed businesses and organisations. 

The business was established to ensure Kenya would meet the growing demand for sound agronomic information and quality seeds in local and international markets. 

Within our production and processing business, we have developed good relations with our growers and in addition we have ensured good production capability inhouse on our own farms. 

Crop Africa's products are grown in accordance with and meet International Seed Trade Association (I.S.T.A) quality standards and Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service (K.E.P.H.I.S) quality standards.

If you would like to enquire about any of the following products or services then please contact us:

Seed Processing - please make sure to detail the approx volume, the detail of the packs and chemicals required in order for us to establish if we can contract the work.

Seed Production - please ensure to specify the species and the variety and whether it is for local sales or for export

Varietal testing

Export vegetable productions - conducted through our rotation program

Agronomic - Advisory Service - EurepGAP Training Services - Market Research - Project Development

Agricultural & Food Chain Management Solutions: Crop Walker, Quickfire, Produce Manager